Monday, July 13, 2009

a smoothie i made.

i blended ice. lemon. strawberry puree and some pineapple juice in a blender.

and topped it with a cherry.... :)) some grenadine on the sides of the glass.. yumm.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


vegan buffets. fried tofu starters. green tea and seaweed salads.. KINKI on york st. GREAT sushi. music. sake. and vegan and vegetarian food!!!!

OTTAWA LIKES TO EAT!! so ive discovered.. haha. everyone eats out.

these breakfasty looking meals were acquired at Zaks diner. its 50's style/themed.. theres eggs and toast.. fruit.. and pulled pork sandwich with onion rings.. breakfast and dinner food. sall good.

im fatttttttt. xxxxxx KM.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


OMG. so.

i made two different batches of quinoa muffins.
that were amazing. the first batch was tangy and got eaten.
the second batch got left on the counter and HALF got attacked by ants. :((

they were gluten and dairy free. but not vegan.. sorry guys haha :))

so i took about 250 grams of quinoa flour. vanilla soy milk. about 3/4 cup of sugar. a frozen banana and two eggs.

combined all the wet ingredients (eggs, soymilk, vanilla essence) with the dry stuff (flour and sugar) then soft margarine about.. two tablespoons worth..
folded through when all combined and the bananas and a couple pinches of bicarb soda..

grease a 12 pack muffin tray with margarine. put in preheated oven and bake for like 10-15 mins... til theyre browning. pokem. check the middle.. i always preheat the oven real hot and turn it down when i put the muffins in..

so yeah. then to ice them i take icing sugar. tonnes of lemon juice and more margarine. wait til the muffins are cooled. then use a knife or just pour it all over. hundreds and thousands. sprinkles. whatever you like. do it up.

i also ate TWO of these macaroons from OH SO GOOD. on york st. theyre dairy and gluten free. but have eggwhites. and are yumm. dipped half in dark chocolate :)))

they were $2.25 each. so witha tip the two of em were $6.. so good. size of a bread plate :))

im drinking lots of mango passionfruit tea too by stash.. and soy lattes of course. my favourite these days being the Bank street Bridgehead. or expresso on george and dalhousie. yumm. still miss Cibo Rundle the most though. bonsooooy :((


Friday, July 3, 2009


i have been kinda broke but still eating PLENTY these last few days here.

i was taken to the Manx the other day by some new friends, two of them vegan :)) i had hard shell vegan tacos with a lovely salad.. i didnt have battery in my camera so i couldnt take photos. but i will go back and have them again they were that good. so i will make sure i take photos.

ive been eating tonnes of trail mix and drinking juice haha.

i made the effort to cookup a big pot of vegan SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE and some gluten free rice spaghetti.

i found the spaghetti in Loblaws of all places. they also sell all the rad flavours of the silken tofu i make the dope desserts from..

i cut up some onion. garlic. mushrooms. soaked tvp in hot water. added tinned tomatoes. salt n pepper. oil... let it cook... cooked the spaghetti.. and voila. enough to satisfy and picky vegan haha

i had some chicken wings last night that were super tasty from the Brig too. theyre kitchen stays open til like 2.30 am its awesome if youve got the munchies hahaha XXX KM.

Monday, June 29, 2009

SLACKER!!! :)))

ive been soooooooooo super duper slack since i got to ottawa. hahaha

i havent exactly been eating the best either though, gawsh. 

ive got coffee places pretty sussed. i mean. not really in comparison to cibo. no bonsoy makes for PRETTY average coffee, i must say..

but Bridgehead, Expresso and Planet Coffee in clarendon ct. make mean soy lattes. as far as ive found so far. ive had to resort to starbucks a couple times.. you know shits desperate basically.. when..

i had a pretty good feed at moxies about a week ago. beet salad with goats cheese.
im pretty sure earls makes a similar salad. but instead of roquette they use spinach.. meh. still wicked good.

i have been informed of some sick ass vegan/vego places to eat but havent been yet.. so ill make sure i write bout em when i do.. :)) till then!! stay cool.. ottawa!! xxx KM.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oz and babylon with a favourite girl

so i made it to ottawa and trash bagged it right the fuck up with guen.

we ate at a place on Bank st. called Oz Cafe. Super cute staff. Great decor. GREAT food!!

we went out later that night to babylon an got drank vodka shooters. was good!

earlier that week i cooked it up with the people im staying with Tom and Tara. We had a bunch of salads and i finally got to eat the dessert ive been craving for the last 6 months.

silken tofu and honey with frozen blueberries!!!! YUMMMMMMM!!! i make mine with the almond, coconut or blueberry tofu. this time i used almond.

i also found these vegan chicken nuggets that Presidents Choice makes.
them an a bit of chilli sauce. RULING.

i also went to 'eggspectations' for breakfast with tom and tara.
 ordered eggs florentine with avocado and gave my muffin away. the service was alright... took a while to get the food. and they served my food with cheese the first time around. but once i pointed it out it was corrected real quick...

been chewin a tonne of stride. an thats all i got. when i make some money to eat i will have more to write about :))!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

missed planes and jerky!!!

so i was stuck in longbeach for TWICE as long as i anticipated. and thank god its not a shithole cuz then i woulda been pissed.

but i stayed with the best crew (thank GOD) and had a good time. i didnt eat much the last two days there because i was so anxious about the two flights i missed and the money i had to spend. i drank a bunch of tea and read.

one of kenn's mates troy made his own JERKY!! i ate a bunch of it. and after he dropped me at the airport for the plane that i actually caught he
 GAVE me two bags to take. fucken LOVED the shit!! nothing like good intense savoury via dried meat hahaha.

he has about 15 different kinds that he makes. preservative and additive free. just straight beef and different sauces. soy. chilli. teriyaki. you get the picture.

i hope he gets the business up and running. cuz dudes onto a good thing. GOOD LUCK TROY! and thanks for the dope jerky.

oh and by the way. im SO happy to be back in the hemisphere that sells stride gum. the longest lasting chewing gum everrrrr ahahhaa :))) great to chew after downing a bag of jerky!!


Monday, June 15, 2009


my meal from sydney to fiji was pretty nice. besides the fruit dish of a bunch of sliced melon.  i had this lamb spinach and rice dish that was tomato-y and a little spicy. i got ricecakes. some tiny little salad thing with like some soymilk and this little heart shaped cake that was kinda cinnamon-y with berries and banana. i had a vodka and apple and a gin and lemonade and a cup of tea too. 
mmmmm. plane rides. 
then from fiji to LA it was weird. like. they consituted my meal for like.
 TWO bowls of fruit hahaha it was lame.
 i passed out soon after and was
 woken in the morning with a little omelette and some zucchini and tomato. hot. and some more fruit i do believe. not bad.

when we got into Longbeach i was in DESPERATE NEED for a coffee so we hit... PORTFOLIO. 
i would later get another soy latte from there too.. im missing bonsoy already.
then we went to PIKE a bar in long beach. i hit up a bowl of chilli. 
an had a shot of tequila.

 there were lobster tacos and onion rings also hehe.

we decided on a cookup. and later on id prepare
 an avocado salad
there was beans an
 rice. and fried fish

there was turtle beer and a great selection of hot sauces. 

i was so sleepy afterwards. but still managed to ride back to the crib.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


i know its been like. 6 days since i last posted i think. im soooo lazy. but it
 just seems
 everywhere i have been has the worst connections in the WORLD..!!

WELL! have i ever some shit to write about..

i had a photoshoot early in the day to pose for the melbourne harley store in the middle of the city. of
 course scantily clad. and it was a ripe 11 deg. C.
so the photog took me to this place 
down one of 

melbournes many 
alleys near the 'fafi' piece called MOVIDA. 

very lovely tapas bar. they made tradish croquettes. which
 i couldnt eat cuz they were full of cheese. but everyone in the place was eating them so i assume they were bangin. and are also the trademark dish..
 i jus had some olives an a pink grapefruit juice...

i got a calamari salad and ben got the vegan chicken roll with roast potatoes and some AMAZING vegan barbie satay kinda sauce. then we shared this DOPE choc mint vegan cheesecake. i didnt think it was possible. but it was truly delicious. it came with this vanilla side sauce that was just awesome. at $8 a piece. you would hope it would be amazing. and it really really was: GREAT dinner.

i had the honour of cooking for a special guy.. well. throwing together nachos
i dont reeeeeally count as cooking... but..
 i made the guacamole from 
scratch. nothing special. just 2 avocados. salt and black pepper. and tonnes of lemonjuice and a little garlic.
put the cornchips in a baketray. piled a bunch of hot salsa. refried beans. tofutti creamcheese and the guacamole allll over it. then cooked for like 20mins on low...

was so super filling.... but good.

and THEN. 

we went back to ICI for breakfast to get the scrambled tofu with beetroot on the weekend. 

it was so good i had to get pics. 
bonsoy latte and scrambled tofu with gluten free bread and pickled ginger. shitake mushrooms an cilantro. shit was rad. and i finished my whole plate this time. 
between brunswick st. and smith street. just up from
 alexandra pde. super nice cafe. i HAVE to make it a regular spot when i get back to melbourne.

so NOW! im in transit. on my way to LA for two days before heading to ottawa.

xxx KM.

Monday, June 8, 2009

soup. cupcakes. dumplings. RIOT!!

i woke up this morning after drinking TONNES of hot sake last night. 
not a bad effort.
i NEEDED dumplings.  
not too sure why?? but april and i were on a mission. we ate at some restaurant in china town. some restaurant. cant remember the name.. i got vegetarian sour dumplings. she got fried pork ones. they were rad.

the other day. i was invited round to the boys place for soup. 
bodie made some mean tomato 
vegetable soup. 
was rad. 

also. yesterday. i was on a baking tip again and decided to make some gluten free vanilla and lemon cupcakes. they were dope. 

nothing too big has 
stuck out though. so when something comes to me. ill write about it. 
till then. 
this will do hahahha. x x x km.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


the last two days has been a little distracting for me.
 so im jus guna post some photos and do a quick rundown of some of the stuff i took photos of.

bbq pork and salt and pepper eggplant with april at chinese bbq house on gouger. was dope. i had apple juice too. : )

my aunty cooked me some soulfood.... beans an rice
vegetables. meat. some peri peri. yumm.


i got this chicken burger in melbourne from the GRILLD on lygon in carlton. i think?? it was chicken breast on cornbread with special tomato chutney and avocado. no cheese and tonnes of veggies.

 i had scrambled tofu that morning from ici near brunswick st. too. with gluten free bread. was dope.. shitake mushrooms. beetroot. an some ginger rooibos tea. wish i took photos. but i didnt think to take my camera. haha.

and me and steph walked into the iga on hutt street today to get stuff for lunch. 
an i saw all these shiny cakes and donuts that looked JUST delicious. 
but i didnt eat any. 
haha thats it basically x x x KM.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banana and coconut cream pie... joanna’s recipe (modified from Pauline’s recipe)
• * 1 9-inch pie shell, baked – or make your own like I did... I use gluten free mixtures
• * 3 cups whole milk – (I use lactose free milk to reduce the dairy content)
• * 3/4 cup white sugar 
• * 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 
• * 1/4 teaspoon salt 
• * 5 eggs – 3 whole slightly beaten and fold in two yolks also 
• * 2 tablespoons butter 
• * 1 teaspoon vanilla 
• * 3 bananas
• * 1and ¼ cups of shredded coconut 1 cup for the pie (about ¼ cup for ‘toasting’ in the oven under grill to brown to decorate pie with)
• Also a carton of cream whipped to decorate the pie with ... other wise it wouldn’t be banana cream pie now eh....
1 Have baked 9-inch pie shell ready. Or make it yourself and cool...

2 In a medium saucepan, scald the milk. (do NOT BOIL MILK just scald) you know it is ready when it starts to foam a bit and there is steam coming off... heat should just be medium not high

3 In a bigger saucepan, combine the sugar, flour and salt; gradually stir in the scalded milk. Over medium heat, stirring constantly, cook until thickened. 

4 Cover and, stirring often, reduce heat cook for two minutes longer. 

5 In a small bowl, have the 3 egg yolks, slightly beaten, ready; stir a small amount of the hot mixture into beaten yolks; when thoroughly combined, stir yolks into hot mixture. 


Remove from heat and blend in the butter and vanilla. THIS IS WHERE YOU ADD THE CUP OF COCONUT WHILE IT IS STILL WARM.. Let sit until lukewarm. 

WHILE MIXTURE IS STILL NICE AND WARM  slice 1 banana  AT THE BOTTOM OF PIE CRUST; pour HALF OF warm mixture over bananas. DO ANOTHER LAYER OF BANANA and pour the other half then add the final banana on the top... 

Let pie cool completely. 
you do not have to add sugar to the cream if you don’t want to the pie is sweet enough however if you like very sweet then make whipped cream as per usual ‘sugared’ recipe.. – I NEVER USE SUGAR IN MY WHIPPED CREAM. and vanilla essence maybe...

Monday, June 1, 2009


my mum is amazing.

i think the years she lived in canada before i was born really payed off. i mean. being italian and raised on good food and working in kitchens also would contribute. but pies. im pretty sure.. were my grammys forte. and SHE hooked my mum up with the goods..

i remember my mum making pies when i was a kid and they were the BEST thing in the WORLD. truly an AMAZING dessert.

now. because im lactose and gluten intolerant hahaha. she made the crust with gluten free flour and the filling with lactose free milk. but it wasnt vegan. it still had eggs in it... which im quite sure could be substituted.

anyways. im guna put up pics. and then get my mum to gime the recipe when shes actually awake and its not 2.30am. hehe

so i had a piece of her banana coconut cream pie. and it was amazing. i have typed 3 amazings into this blog already hahaha.

earlier today i had a can of tuna with some gluten free homemade bread (that mum ALSO hooked me up with) and some chopped cucumber and tomato. 
pretty boring.. i didnt eat anything else cuz i spent the day at this STUPID training thing. which goes for another TWO days!! im dreading.

so ill put that recipe up when i get a chance. 

x x x KM.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

its been a loooong weekend. stop. please. i wana get OFF!

WOW what an exhausting weekend ive had.

not only have i been working at a psychic mind and body expo. (urh). but a friend has been in town which meant sleepless nights and endless walking. talking. and some good food. which wasnt all soooo bad. i have had. mind you. 4 nights now in a row with less than 5 hours sleep. and i am literally seeing things hahaha.


so i found a badass jacket potato at the showgrounds to eat. i got them to make it from scratch with no cheese. so it was fresh and piping hot. bean mix. lettuce and tomato. easy. and nice. and vegan. ;) just the fact it was $10 kinda put me off.....

we ate at ying chow on gouger again the other night. it was rad. i had a bowl of the vegetarian soup. with tofu and some finely chopped veggies. i picked some coriander chilli 
chicken from luce.  
and some salt and pepper tofu from ben. an i was set.

i found a stall at the hippie-fest with decorative cupcakes and cake. and they were also selling chutneys and mustards. i didnt try any but they seemed
 popular. nat came and snuck us some shepherds pie and felafel too. which was amazing.

i went out saturday night and saw some bands
 and hung out at sugar. went to oyster bar on east terrace and ate a dozen oysters amidst all the chaos. I LOVE how they serve their oysters with a slice of dark rye. (how they should be served) and im pretty sure its my favourite oyster bar in adelaide because of that. and the price of the
oysters is pretty damn close to a buck each. :)))

not bad.

besides that not much over the two days. im exhausted and sore from standing up for hours..
and i start a new job as of monday :) i wonder what kinda food this will get me eating.. xxxkm.